Earning Capacity Assessment / Functional Vocational Assessment

Earning Capacity Assessments or Economic Loss Assessments are used to determine the client’s current and future capacity to work and earn income on the open labour market  taking into account their education, work history, and transferrable skills.  Comparison is made between:

a) likely career path and earnings but for the injury

b) realistic post-injury job options and earnings

If the client suffers any incapacity to earn income as a result of their injuries and disabilities, we provide our opinion as to the extent of that incapacity, including any restrictions on their current and future employment in terms of duties or hours, as well as considering any suitable alternate occupations and/or retraining options.  We comment on the client’s disabilities or restrictions in regards to their prospects for promotion, as well as the likelihood of early retirement.  We also provide recommendations for future treatment, costings of that treatment, and the need for and cost of domestic assistance where appropriate.

For physical injuries, the client undergoes a Functional Capacity Evaluation conducted by a physiotherapist, as well as a Vocational Assessment conducted by a psychologist.

For psychological injuries, the client undergoes a Vocational Assessment only.